Keeping you connected: PMA’s work to keep telephone lines secure

23rd January 2017 - Telecommunications

Internet_map_1024As the media spotlight shines increasingly on negative stories detailing slow or intermittent internet connections, large and small scale hackings, and the compromising of customer data from big broadband and telephone providers, it becomes ever easier for us all to lose faith in the security of our connection, and the integrity of the information we both share and receive online. In the age of the internet, where almost everyone and everything is online and connected, maintaining that connection…

Telecommunications Applications: Keeping the World Talking

24th August 2015 - Telecommunications

lrmi_cable_protection_pma_market_telecomAs you know, at PMA we protect cables in many industries, all over the world; in railways, ship building, automation, and - as this article suggests - Telecommunications & IT.   But what is 'Telecommunications & IT', and how does PMA Cable Protection fit in?   In 2015, the world is lead by technology.   Massive technological advances over the last decade have been responsible for so many wonderful things; people across the world are living far longer than ever before; even…

PMA Cable Protection: the world's finest cable protection solutions

11th December 2014 - Telecommunications, Ship Building, Rail - Rolling Stock, Rail - Infrastructure, Machine Building, Hazardous Areas, Automation

Header  At PMA we have been providing our customers with custom made, top-quality cable protection systems since 1975. Our customers benefit highly from our range of technical expertise, experience in the field and commitment to achieving the best and most efficient results possible. Our innovative products have been developed to provide our customers with reliability and practicality that is also cost-effective; with in-house testing that goes beyond International Standards, indiscriminate of age,…

PMA provides integral protection system for new rail line in South Africa

22nd July 2014 - Telecommunications, Rail - Infrastructure, Case Studies

PMA_Energy-20120103-5The use of solar powered cellular communications systems is well established. Therefore the protection of the interconnecting cables, operating in a harsh environment, is of great importance. Thankfully for specifiers working on the 100km of rail line from Sishen in the Northern Cape to Saldanha Bay in South Africa, when they required a reliable cable protection system built to specification, Tank Industries, PMA’s South African partner, stepped up to meet these demands. The cable protection…