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The 5 challenges facing railways today

30th January 2017 - Rail - Infrastructure, Protection From Rats

railway_level1_1205px-widthA global leading brand in the field of cable protection solutions, we’ve forged our good name and fantastic reputation initially from our work in the rail sector; providing versatile and reliable cable protection systems that keep the world’s railways running safely and efficiently, journey after journey. Cable protection is an integral part of all railway networks; keeping cables safe and secure from all sorts of potentially harmful environments and situations, such as: Extreme weather…

Why should your business be using PMA cable protection?

12th December 2016 - Ship Building, Rail - Infrastructure, Machine Building

Here at PMA, we pride ourselves on being one of the world’s leading brands in cable protection solutions for a wide range of industries, including; railways, shipbuilding, automation, and - most recently - food & beverage. For over 40 years now, we’ve perfected and refined our offering of over 6,000 products, according to the ever evolving requirements and exactly standards of both the industries & individual clients we work with. This experience has enabled us to become pioneers…

PMA’s innovations in rail with Rail Live 2016

30th June 2016 - Rail - Infrastructure, Company News

PIC6-minAs we expand our product ranges and the industries we’re able to support - venturing into Food & Beverage, Automation, and Ship-Building to name but a few of our most recent additions - we will never forget our place as the global leading brand in cable protection solutions for the rail industry. Rail is where we began; honing our craft and developing our offerings for this complex and invaluable infrastructure – ensuring the world’s railways are suitably protected against…

PMA supports the largest rail tunnel project in the world - the Gotthard Base Tunnel

1st June 2016 - Rail - Infrastructure, Company News, Case Studies, ABB

gotthard_1183x350When PMA became part of ABB in 2012, we inherited a 120+ year history in leading not only Switzerland but the world’s technological progress - from efficient energy production, to sustainable mobility, and everything in between. Consequently, we are proudly and irremovably linked to the entire history of Swiss rail traffic; a leading name in the field and a global leader in innovation and quality. ABB PMA Cable Protection and our unique position in the rail industry Steeped in history yet…

PMA’s all new Electromagnetic cable protection

16th May 2016 - What's New, Technical Information, Rail - Infrastructure

general-infos-emc_1183px-width  At PMA, we pride ourselves in leading the way within our field; offering the most innovative, high standard cable protection solutions, created specifically to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers.   Keen to continually develop within our existing areas of expertise, and become leaders within new ones, PMA works tirelessly to ensure all our products are at the cutting edge of technology; regularly updating current ranges, and launching new ones.   Our new PMA EMC range…

ABB's new low voltage rail overview brochure launched

27th April 2016 - What's New, Rail - Rolling Stock, Rail - Infrastructure, ABB

Low Voltage 2016 Launched at Infrarail 2016, ABB's new brochure provides a clear overview of the entire range of low voltage products and solutions now made available through ABB for infrastructure and rolling stock applications.   PMA is proudly identified under ABB's low voltage division - continuing to work together for a cleaner, healthier planet.  For help and advice on cable protection solutions call the PMA team on 01264 333 527 or email [email protected]

The Perfect 10: PMA’s newest BSS10 half shells

4th April 2016 - What's New, Technical Information, Rail - Rolling Stock, Rail - Infrastructure, Automation

    Here at PMA, we’re always looking for ways to improve and adapt our existing products, alongside the design and creation of new ones; responding to an ever evolving, ever growing range of innovative industries.   Standing at the forefront of cable protection solutions for some of the world’s most fundamental infrastructures and industries – including telecommunications, railways, and most recently food & beverage – we have to ensure our products respond…

PMA granted PADS approval from Network Rail

21st September 2015 - Rail - Infrastructure, Company News

network rail lead picAlthough we provide cable protection solutions for many different specialist fields across many different parts of the world - including telecommunications, ship building, and automation - we're best known for our applications for the rail industry. For the last 40 years, we've been providing the highest quality cable protection solutions to this ever evolving and discerning industry; ensuring railways across the world continue to function safely and securely, with every journey. Facing many threats…

ABB's new low voltage UK product range

25th May 2015 - Rail - Rolling Stock, Rail - Infrastructure, ABB

Low volAs global leading suppliers of innovative technologies for transportation, it is imperative that we continue to improve the performance of our products whilst lowering emissions, the impact of our work upon the environment and, in turn, that of our customers. Launched at Railtex 2015, ABB's new brochure provides a clear overview of the entire range of low voltage products and solutions now made available through ABB for infrastructure and rolling stock applications.   PMA is proudly identified…

Cable Protection Applications for Rail Infrastructure

24th March 2015 - Rail - Infrastructure

pma_visual_xsol_highly_flexible_medium_duty_multilayer  Millions of people across the world rely on railways; to get to work and school, to deliver heavy goods & machinery quickly and efficiently or to visit family & friends living hundreds of miles away; railways are a lifeline to a healthy, functioning society.   Damage to insufficient cabling can have devastating side-effects. July 2014, for example, saw a collision in South Western France between a high-speed TGV and Regional train leaving 40 passengers badly injured, all because…