Solar Impulse strikes again: another world-first for clean living

27th June 2016 - Energy, Company News, ABB

tumblr_inline_o97p6sGWG11tfbwvh_500“We want to represent the new world, the world of #cleantechs. Because the #futureisclean and it starts now!”, mused Bertrand Piccard on social media as he steered the ground-breaking solar-powered plane Solar Impulse across the Atlantic Ocean. Making history for clean living Although not a first for aviation, this monumental journey across the second largest ocean in the world marks a massive event in the history of clean living; as Solar Impulse makes its name, not only the as first…

Energy Applications: enjoy a better world with PMA

13th July 2015 - Energy

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 14.53.39  2015 marks our 40th anniversary, providing the world with the highest quality cable protection systems available. Naturally, we're very proud of this, and we wouldn't have come this far, and become the world's leading brand, without moving with the times and engaging with contemporary demands; our energy applications prove this.   Energy is, without a doubt, a fundamental necessity. Particularly as the population rapidly increases, technology advances and renewable energy becomes more…