ABB takes the lead role at WEF 2017

6th February 2017 - ABB

  As part of ABB, the future of technology and creating a better world with technology, is incredibly important to us; from our low voltage product range, to our innovative research & development in the field of automation. Responsible and responsive leadership This importance was amplified at the recent World Economic Forum 2017, which took place only weeks ago in the quiet and picturesque Swiss Alps, where ABB took a leading role in proceedings. Adopting the theme: ‘responsible…

The Future of Workforce Automation: creating efficient workforces

16th January 2017 - Automation, ABB

yumi-separator-1183pxParticularly during the last 10 years, major advancements in technology have positively impacted almost every element of our lives; from the way in which we shop, to the careers we choose, and the tasks we perform. New technologies are continuously revolutionising our lives, and pushing us to consider the most efficient way to do things - which is arguably most visible in a factory setting. As recently as 30 years ago, factories were dominated by human workforces; multiple staff members working…

Powering Switzerland’s first disabled chairlift

9th January 2017 - Case Studies, ABB

Cz30K86XUAAbtu_PMA have been an integral part of the ABB family for almost 5 years now; leading truly groundbreaking and innovative projects that transform the way in which we all go about our daily lives; from our woking environments, to our leisure activities. Most recently, ABB were delighted to provide the motors for Switzerland’s very first accessible chairlift - installed in the picturesque Swiss Alps only weeks ago. A revolution in automation, this beautiful piece of modern machinery - named the ‘Madrisa…

The workforce with a difference: Meet PMA's latest employee

15th July 2016 - Company News, Automation, ABB

IRB2600 robotAs part of the ABB family, we’re well-known, not only for our outstanding products available to the rail industry, but also our innovative and ground-breaking contributions to automation and robotics; associated with some of the world’s most high profile projects of the moment in this forward-thinking field. It should come as no surprise then that, just weeks after ABB proudly won the IERA Award at Automatica2016 for the revolutionary YuMi robot, we’ve taken the decision to introduce…

Solar Impulse strikes again: another world-first for clean living

27th June 2016 - Energy, Company News, ABB

tumblr_inline_o97p6sGWG11tfbwvh_500“We want to represent the new world, the world of #cleantechs. Because the #futureisclean and it starts now!”, mused Bertrand Piccard on social media as he steered the ground-breaking solar-powered plane Solar Impulse across the Atlantic Ocean. Making history for clean living Although not a first for aviation, this monumental journey across the second largest ocean in the world marks a massive event in the history of clean living; as Solar Impulse makes its name, not only the as first…

Optimising our production with Automatica2016

24th June 2016 - Exhibitions, Automation, ABB

Automatica2016Here at PMA, we’re incredibly proud of our heritage, with over 40 years’ experience in creating the highest quality cable protection solutions available to the global market. We’re also proud that, for the last 4 years - since 2012 - we’ve been a significant division of our wonderful parent company ABB; creating power and technology for a better future. Since joining ABB, we’ve been associated with some incredible projects - such as the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland…

PMA supports the largest rail tunnel project in the world - the Gotthard Base Tunnel

1st June 2016 - Rail - Infrastructure, Company News, Case Studies, ABB

gotthard_1183x350When PMA became part of ABB in 2012, we inherited a 120+ year history in leading not only Switzerland but the world’s technological progress - from efficient energy production, to sustainable mobility, and everything in between. Consequently, we are proudly and irremovably linked to the entire history of Swiss rail traffic; a leading name in the field and a global leader in innovation and quality. ABB PMA Cable Protection and our unique position in the rail industry Steeped in history yet…

Solar Impulse: better today, cleaner tomorrow

23rd May 2016 - ABB

We’re so excited to be affiliated – through our wonderful parent company ABB – with the ground-breaking, innovative, and eco-friendly project Solar Impulse; now active and taking the world quite literally by storm for over a year.   The very first of its kind, Solar Impulse truly tests the limits of what is achievable with today’s technology; the very first plane to fly without fuel.   In today’s eco-conscious society where we’re continuously trying…

ABB's new low voltage rail overview brochure launched

27th April 2016 - What's New, Rail - Rolling Stock, Rail - Infrastructure, ABB

Low Voltage 2016 Launched at Infrarail 2016, ABB's new brochure provides a clear overview of the entire range of low voltage products and solutions now made available through ABB for infrastructure and rolling stock applications.   PMA is proudly identified under ABB's low voltage division - continuing to work together for a cleaner, healthier planet.  For help and advice on cable protection solutions call the PMA team on 01264 333 527 or email [email protected]

The Shows Must Go On!

25th January 2016 - Exhibitions, Automation, ABB

ABB_Stand_01Here at PMA, it’s important to us to give our peers, our clients, and those working in related industries, the chance to really experience the high quality and benefits of our products; to see how our products behave in specific environments, and to examine, up close, the heterotopic designs. As a result, we love taking part in exhibitions across the world, including most recently Motek 2015 and SPS 2015. Motek 2015    Held in Stuttgart, Germany, between 5th and 8th October,…