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ABB takes the lead role at WEF 2017


As part of ABB, the future of technology and creating a better world with technology, is incredibly important to us; from our low voltage product range, to our innovative research & development in the field of automation.

Responsible and responsive leadership

This importance was amplified at the recent World Economic Forum 2017, which took place only weeks ago in the quiet and picturesque Swiss Alps, where ABB took a leading role in proceedings.

Adopting the theme: ‘responsible and responsive leadership’, the Forum gave ABB the opportunity to showcase the positive, fulfilling, and complementary role automotion can have on our lives, with none other than David Autor of MIT taking centre stage at ABB’s event as Guest Speaker, to talk about how automation has improved overall living standards - personally and professionally.

The future of technology and automation

ABB’s event at the World Economic Forum was the most popular yet; inspiring attendees with a most positive outlook on the future of technology and automation.

With the right education in place, automation can encourage strong, competitive workforces, whilst catering for future needs - these being attributes of the fourth industrial revolution that we’re particularly keen to promote.

Building new relationships

The World Economic Forum 2017 also gave ABB the chance to build new relationships with shareholders, customers, and stakeholders, as well as promote our incredible work in, and the importance of, the field of innovation & technology.  

An incredibly successful event for ABB, this week-long initiative ended on a high as we announced our involvement in the Global Apprenticeship Network.

A wonderful way to begin 2017, and a promising future for us all.

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