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The Future of Workforce Automation: creating efficient workforces


Particularly during the last 10 years, major advancements in technology have positively impacted almost every element of our lives; from the way in which we shop, to the careers we choose, and the tasks we perform.

New technologies are continuously revolutionising our lives, and pushing us to consider the most efficient way to do things - which is arguably most visible in a factory setting.

As recently as 30 years ago, factories were dominated by human workforces; multiple staff members working round the clock to operate cumbersome and inflexible equipment in order to perform the most basic of tasks.

Today however, with the invention of concepts like The Internet of Things, the boundaries of what’s possible with workforce automation are often being pushed - as we increasingly lean away from human workforces, and towards technology to perform intricate, demanding, and repetitive jobs with speed and accuracy.

Automation: The Internet of Things and YuMi

The Internet of Things describes the ability of everyday or household objects to communicate and connect via the internet. Truly innovative, The Internet of Things has not only impacted the way individuals interact with and react to the world around them, but also the way businesses - particularly factories - operate.

ABB’s award-winning YuMi robot is a perfect example of this; the world’s first, truly collaborative, dual-arm industrial robot that can be programmed to perform almost any intricate task.

YuMi has stolen the hearts & minds of businesses across the world - enabling humans and robots to work together to improve efficiency and productivity (it’s even been known to play bartender, and successfully battle a rubic’s cube).

Humans and robots working side-by-side

Of course, as technology changes the dynamics of the humble factory setting, and businesses rely more heavily on machines over people, there is a question over the future of workforce automation, and whether robots are replacing humans in the workplace.

It’s been said that two-thirds of American workers believe that, within as 50 years, computers will overtake people in the workplace.

Whilst this may very well be the case, here at PMA - in particular as part of ABB - we don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, and believe that human workforces can work successfully with automated workforces to streamline processes whilst increasing capacity.

At PMA, we take this notion incredibly seriously, regularly introducing our robots into our workforce as part of our ongoing Research & Development to ensure our robots are as effective as possible; working in conjunction with humans, not against or in place of us.

Whilst we can’t predict the future, we can say one thing for certain - automated workforces are efficient, reliable, strong workforces.

Read more about YuMi here.

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