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Powering Switzerland’s first disabled chairlift

PMA have been an integral part of the ABB family for almost 5 years now; leading truly groundbreaking and innovative projects that transform the way in which we all go about our daily lives; from our woking environments, to our leisure activities.

Most recently, ABB were delighted to provide the motors for Switzerland’s very first accessible chairlift - installed in the picturesque Swiss Alps only weeks ago.

A revolution in automation, this beautiful piece of modern machinery - named the ‘Madrisa Chairlift’ after the mountain on which it sits - incorporates laser measurements and an adjustable floor level to accommodate people of all abilities wishing to use the lift.


The Madrisa Chairlift and adaptive skiing

The Madrisa Chairlift also gives visitors with disabilities the opportunity to use the same entrance as their peers, as opposed to most current chairlift solutions which force people with disabilities and restricted mobility to use a separate entrance; creating a more inclusive environment, whilst opening up even more possibilities for Adaptive Skiing.

An increasingly popular sport, as new technologies serve to break down barriers and increase the opportunities available to those living with disabilities, Adaptive Skiing uses specially adapted equipment to support disabled skiers to confidently take to the slopes.

ABB’s energy efficiency

As part of ABB’s Better World initiative, energy efficiency and working towards a clean future is particularly important to everything we do, and the Madrisa Chairlift is not only a revolution in accessibility, but also in energy efficiency - billed as one of the most energy efficient in the world.

Bringing the whole family together

The chairlift’s laser measurement facility also enables children and young people to use the lift with ease; adapting to a user’s height as they prepare to take their seat.

This means that entire families can now go skiing together, without worry or fuss, and without fear of separation at any point during their holiday.

For us here at PMA, being part of the organisation that has made this incredible project possible is a real honour; as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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