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PMA: keeping the world’s railways running this Christmas

As the festive season swings into action; the nights become increasingly longer, and the weather turns ever colder; bitter winds take our breath away, and thick frosts settle on our windscreens of a morning, there’s one thing many of us are already starting to think about - making the long journey home to see family for the end of the year.

It’s a journey many of us feel rather torn by; excited to see our family and friends for lazy days and over-indulgent evenings, yet apprehensive about the journey itself…

Every year, around Christmas time, train lines inevitably become full to bursting with thousands upon thousands of people making the all-important journey home, then back again a few days later.

It’s at this time that the railways will experience their highest footfall of the year which, understandably, puts the physical infrastructure under a lot of extra pressure.

However, at PMA, we understand this; our products designed for the rail industry are designed and developed to take the extra load safely and securely, without any extra measures being taken, and here’s how:

  1. Resistant to extreme temperatures: our solutions are created to withstand extreme temperatures of between -40C to +105C.
  2. Rat resistant: our polyamide castings fend off damage and potential devastation from the interference of troublesome rodents.
  3. PADS approval: last year, we were honoured to be granted PADS approval from Network Rail; recognising the strength and reliability of our solutions.
  4. Age testing: we conduct regular age testing, to ensure our solutions are able to withstand long term, continuous use, and guarantee your overall safety.

So, when you or your customers are making the long, and cramped journey home this Christmas, you can rest assured you’re in the safe hands of PMA cable protection.

To find out more about our exacting standards for the world’s railways, contact us today.