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The world welcomes home Solar Impulse

A task once thought impossible by even the most hopeful of Ecologists, the world’s first solar airplane, Solar Impulse, has landed in Abu Dhabi; completing a groundbreaking, zero-flight mission spanning an incredible 40,000km around the world.

The journey, which began in March 2015, saw 2 ambitious and visionary pilots - supported by many a team of experts - take to the skies to demonstrate the capabilities of clean energy, capturing the hearts and minds of the entire world as they did so.

Stopping over on 4 continents; Asia, America, Europe, and Africa, Solar Impulse continually pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, setting a new solar aviation distance record in the fledgling days of its maiden voyage, from Oman to Ahmedabad, India, and continuing to amaze as the journey went on.

Like any historical event, Solar Impulse’s mission wasn’t all ‘plane’ sailing! There were times when this wonderful invention, and its admirable pilots, had to make emergency stops due to damage or harsh weather; but, in true history-book form, Solar Impulse made it through to the other side, landing safely in Abu Dhabi recently to a - well deserved - hero’s welcome!

Whilst solar energy has been widely used for a number of years, the scale of its use by Solar Impulse is undoubtedly something the world had never previously seen, proving the great promise of renewable energy and its place in our ever evolving society.

Here at PMA, we’re proud to be involved in such projects as part of ABB - working towards a cleaner, better world - whilst also ensuring that our products are as environmentally friendly as possible.

To find out more about Solar Impulse or the measures we take to be as eco-friendly as possible, contact us today.